The Laughing Backpack

LAUGHTER ACTIVISM : world tour/documentary/book LAUGH * LOVE * LEARN


I. SWEDEN (17 days / September)

From vacationer to traveler...

CITIES:  Stockholm, Gothenburg (capital of Swedish humor), Kalmar, Öland, Linköping and Vaxholm.

TRANSPORT: By train and bus (because the train is not always running...) and walking a lot (in spite of my painful bunion).

ACTIVITIES: Meeting Swedish comedians (Pontus StröbaekIsak Jansson and Ato Karlsson), cousin of friends and friends of friends. Learning new Swedish words (Hej, tack, absolut...) and trying not to name IKEA furniture to communicate.

HOSTING: From smelly shared hostel room to this magic cabin on an island. I've also loved to sleep in a Dino 5 years old boy room, TACK dear Emil!

FOODING: mysterious meatballs, fish (smoked and very salty), creams and sauces. 

DISCOVERIES: EUROVISION is very important. / The Vikings wrote a book called EDDA (sacred book) in which they wrote jokes and encourage people to drink (quite a lot)  to tolerate the human stupidity. / Clichés are true: IKEA and H&M are everywhere (but WEEK DAY is better), I'm singing ABBA hits all day long. / New ideas of comic monologues. / Specific humor: WORK IN PROGRESS...


II. UNEXPEcted stop in estonia (TallinN) 

I left Stockholm and boarded Princess Anastasia, ship of St Peter's line, towards St Petersburg. Didn't know it was going to be a delicious mix between Titanic (talking about my 3rd class cabin without Irish violin concert, obviously) and the Love boat (beloved 80's Tv show). The great surprise after almost 20h without WiFi (I did survived, yeah!), it's Tallinn, the Estonian capital. Wow! Won't have time to discover their laughter mystery but I'm enjoying the rain, the local beer and local dishes.

III. RUSSIA (St Petersburg & MOSCOW)

a. St Petersburg

"Siempre he confiado en la bondad de los desconocidos" could be the quote for my arrival in the city. Rainy and cold day, my host wasn't home but 3 Russians fishermen rescued me and comforted me with Caucasian tea. 

Since then, I'm very grateful to my friend Astrid who told me to visit Russia, what a good advice! Discovering the city of Peter the Great. On the 2d day, sun and luck were back and I could make my 1st interview, спасибо Sasha!

However, I think cities have soul, color and an associated word. Former Petrograd is a majestic city but its "grey loneliness" is tangible.