The Laughing Backpack

LAUGHTER ACTIVISM : world tour/documentary/book LAUGH * LOVE * LEARN

The Laughing BackPack started in 2016 as a documentary world tour about laughter.
The adventure went far beyond and since then, I’m traveling as a



I’m traveling the world to spread laughter and share the clown spirit.

My final goal is to have my own social café / social circus structure somewhere in the world.
I need my own team made of artists, fundraisers, accountants, marketers, social medias genius, PR…


I'm David cerrone, 40 yo, French Italian, teacher, comedian, Actor, Clown, author, Globetrotter.

born and raised in Paris in an Italian family.

I lived in France, Spain and New York. Passionate about life, acting and laughter.


For 16 years I've been teaching Spanish and French in France, Spain and US.

I'm acting since 2006 in plays and stand up comedy shows like "MonoDeMonólogos", "78 TOURS" or "Selfie-ish". I write my own texts and perform in French, Spanish and English. I'm also a clown + clown doctor.

Passion:  travels, theater, photography & human kind.

Súper Francisco Javier. Super-Hero-Spanish Teacher created in my bathroom in 2010